A Look Back at the Band that Rocked the 90s: Nirvana

The 90s were a defining decade for the music industry, and many of the greatest bands in legacy earned their fame during this era. Among them, the most famous one was Nirvana who produced some of the most iconic songs of the 1990s. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at, how they achieved their fame, and why their music was so popular. We’ll also look at some of their most memorable songs and how they continue to inspire today’s music. 



The band

Nirvana was a Seattle-based rock band founded in 1987 by Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar), Krist Novoselic (bass), and Dave Grohl (drums). They are best known for their grunge-style music. Their first album, Bleach (1989), influenced by The Melvins and heavy dirge-rock, was released on the indie label Sub Pop. It featured the single “Love Buzz/Big Cheese. The band had five drummers before they found Chad Channing, who stayed with them until Nirvana signed with Geffen Records in 1991. The album “Nevermind” was a huge success and helped the band become well known. The band was very influential in the music industry. It paved the way for a lot of bands that we know and love today. 


The music

When Nirvana hit the scene with sludgy, down-tuned grunge rock music, their songs blew up on the charts and changed the face of popular music forever. Their albums created a subgenre called “Grunge” a word that was coined by Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain. The album became a major hit and helped pave the way for a wave of grunge bands that would dominate radio and the music industry for years to come. It contains some of the most important songs in rock history and has become a staple in many people’s lives. 


The lyrics

Nirvana dominated the music industry in the early 90s and a huge part of their success was based on their ability to appeal to a large swath of people who identified with the moods that their songs conveyed. Their most popular song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, went viral as soon as it was released and reached a wide range of listeners. However, many of these people don’t understand what Kurt Cobain is saying. He mumbles the lyrics and most people can only pick out the most basic of them when they hear the song. But it doesn’t take long to get an understanding of the underlying theme that the song is trying to portray. In Bloom is a song from Nirvana’s classic album Nevermind. It features a very pensive and melancholy atmosphere. It is a perfect example of what makes Nirvana so special.


Nirvana’s story is one of the most inspiring in rock history, and one that will certainly stand the test of time. From their early days as an unknown Seattle trio to their meteoric rise to fame, Nirvana changed the musical landscape of the ’90s forever. In the face of tragedy, the band persevered and left behind an incredible legacy of music that continues to influence and inspire generations of music fans. Nirvana will always be remembered as one of the most important and iconic bands of the 90s.